Flowers in Spring in China - 春天的花

from CGTN

With the arrival of a warm spring, both natural and artificially grown flowers on mountain slopes and plantations across China are in full bloom, attracting numerous visitors to enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Peach blossoms in Nyingchi Prefecture

Nyingchi - 林芝(Lín Zhī), is a prefecture tucked in the eastern corner of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. It is dubbed the "Switzerland of the East" due to its picturesque snow scenery in winter and "Jiangnan of Tibet" in spring because of its lush greenery.

Apricot Valley in Yili, Xinjiang



 Xinjiang Apricot Valley is the largest wild apricot blossom forest left in the Middle Ages, covering an area of more than 30,000 acres.

April is the right season to visit Apricot Valley when apricot blossoms in full bloom. When you come to the Apricot Valley, what attracts you first should be the perfect blended colorful picture, the pink and white apricot blossoms blended with the vast green carpet. These apricot blossoms are never alone, the winding slopes and their charming lines just curve the whole picture and make it more solid and picturesque.

Golden Sea of Canola Flowers in Luoping, Yunnan Province

Canola Flower Fields - See China's stunning fields of gold

Luoping County, Enjoy the Beauty of the Canola Field in China -

The canola flowers in China are the most fascinating view  in the world.The flowers which are spread widely with yellow rapeseed flowers looks like a golden sea from a distant view.

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