Free trial class

Free trial class

1 hour free trial class for all of you to learn about the features of Chinese and how do we teach.
  • 1 hourCourse Duration
  • BeginnerSkill level
  • Free
  • 21 June 2020Admission Deadline

1-Hour Free Trial Class

Before you start Chinese learning journey, have you ever thought one question: Chinese is regarded as "a very difficult  language", WHY? What's the difference of Chinese from other languages? Do you think you can learn Chinese well without any idea on the difference?

Come to join our free trial class! You can get the answers for the WHY. Within the 1 hour, you can learn:

1. Features of Chinese as a language;

2. The difference of our teaching from other schools/How do we teach;

3. What you will learn in the formal classes;

4. How to greet and introduce yourself in Chinese.

Since you have decided to learn Chinese, why not move forward NOW a small step by joining the trial class? Nothing to lose even if you found that it's not your style. 

Contact us now:-))


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