Show Chinese is a professional Chinese language and culture training center in Singapore. It is the only and most professional one which focuses on teaching Chinese as a foreign language for the adults in Singapore.

► Courses:   Quite different from other training centers, our courses employ a range of techniques to encourage rapid and confident student progress. We encourage learning through approaches that are pctical, communicative, and delightfully engaging, which will assist you on an enjoyable and successful learning journey.
We specializes in providing customized Chinese learning solutions tailored to different needs. The courses range from Chinese language training, calligraphy art, Chinese character to culture awareness. We provide different classes: group class, 1-on-1 private instruction, workshop (language, speech, calligraphy art, cooking, etc) and corporate training programs.

► Teachers:   Can any native Chinese speakers teach Chinese? Your answer will be absolutely NO! 
Is it same to teach kids and adults? Your answer will be NO. 
Then is it same to learn Chinese as a foreign language and to learn it as a second language? Is it same to teach Chinese as a foreign language and to teach it as a second language? Your answer may be yes or no.

For us, all answers are absolutely No!
Show Chinese has very high criteria for teachers. Our teachers are all standard mandarin speakers without accent, equipped with experience of more than 5 years in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and professionally trained by HANBAN and certified with Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL).

More than that, different from the ones in many training centers, our teachers always teach students in accordance with their apititude, or say, 因材施教 (yīn cái shī jiào) in Chinese. Even the same course, they use different methods and examples in different classes based on the students' learning habit and capability. By doing so, we can ensure that every student in Show Chinese can master most of teaching contents in the class and get the best learning result.

 Location and Classrooms

Show Chinese CBD classrooms are in 19F, Tokio Marine Center in CBD. We have kinds of spacious classrooms with multi-media facilities: 

Show Chinese Novena classrooms are in United Square, 2 mins walking to MRT Novena station. Here we provide comfort classrooms for private classes.

► Contact Us

Tel: +65 6829 5331
What's App: +65 8305 7996

CBD campus: #19F, Tokio Marine Center, 20 McCallum Street, Singapore 069046.
Novena campus: #06-01, United Square, 101 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307591.